Thought Leaders

Contributors to Corporate Agility span the world, representing communities with incredibly different Agile experiences. Through their unique insights, we learned about the challenges they faced in instilling Agile throughout the corporation, of which was eventually analyzed, semented, and distilled into the six Agilessons.

Arie van Bennekum Wemanity Group, Thoughtleader, Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto corporate agility

Arie van Bennekum

Wemanity Group, Thoughtleader, Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto


Arie has a background as a developer and technical designer, with over 30 years of experience of implementing Agile. He believes people are the component that makes Agile successful.


Marcus Johnson Highmark Health, SVP, Enterprise Effectiveness corporate agility

Marcus Johnson

Highmark Health, SVP, Enterprise Effectiveness

Marcus is a seasoned executive with over 19 years of consulting and industry experience leading organizations and clients through large scale business transformations, while helping companies realize financial and operational excellence.

Louis Toth Comcast Ventures, Co-Founder corporate agility

Louis Toth

Comcast Ventures, Co-Founder

Louis is a Co-Founder and former Managing Director at Comcast Ventures, helping Comcast innovate for over 20 years. He has prior experience in Investment Banking and holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.

Phil Koserowski

Leading Hotels of the World, VP, Marketing Executive

As VP at Leading Hotels of the World, Phil is responsible for development of LHW’s customer-facing digital touchpoints including, mobile initiatives, online customer acquisition and engagement, display, search, social media and emerging channels.

Allen Broome

MediaKind, CTO

Allen is an experienced technology executive with expertise in consulting, software engineering, and successful product development utilizing Agile methodologies.

Vamsi Tirnati

DXC Technology, CTO of Transportation

Vamsi is an accomplished Global Enterprise IT leader with over 22 years of experience defining and executing technology strategy, and digital transformations with innovative and growth-oriented solutions for F100 companies.

Michael Piker

Philip Morris International, VP, Global Total Rewards,Employee Relations, Agile Performance

Michael is a seasoned executive who is responsible for leading the transformation of Total Rewards, Employee Relations and Agile Performance Strategy at Philip Morris International (PMI) as they design a smoke-free future.

Steve Elliott

Atlassian, Head of Jira Align 

Steve is an established software executive with 20 years of technology experience in a variety of industries. He is currently head of Jira Align at Atlassian, after his Agile company was acquired in 2019.

Max Ekesi

Whole Foods Market, Agile Program Manager

Max has over 12 years of experience leading IT Transformation efforts by leveraging Agile methodologies and building high functioning teams and cultures.

Kishore Koduri

Ameren, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Resilience and Agile Office

Kishore is an accomplished, competent, and goal-oriented thought leader in the Agile space with valuable experience transforming service and product-based organizations through the effective roll-out of Agile and user-centered culture.

Laurie Nicoletti

Mastercard, VP of Product Development

Laurie, a highly skilled and accomplished Agile Transformation Leader, focuses on product development, commanding PI planning sessions and WSJF backlog grooming with global teams.

Sondra Ashmore, Ph.D

Berkley Technology Services LLC, AVP and Business Partner

Sondra is the co-author of Introduction to Agile Methods. She has taught Agile to university students and has worked with Agile teams for over 12 years. She advises W.R. Berkley companies on leveraging technology to optimize business performance.

Gilli Aliotti

CBS Interactive, VP, Project Management

Gilli is an accomplished Senior Executive and thought leader with more than 25 years of success across the media, entertainment, information technology, education, nonprofit, and event management industries.

Anthony Olsen

Windstream Enterprise, Product Owner

Anthony specializes in mobile and web-based applications. His primary focus is managing CRM integrations and softphone launches using Agile methodologies.

Elaine Stone

Capital One, Director, Agile Portfolio, Consumer Identity

Elaine, a key leader in supporting Capital One’s disruption of the financial services space, is a focused professional with wide-ranging experience in operations, Agile methodologies, process optimization, program and project management, and product management and strategy.

Dr. Steve Mayner

Scaled Agile, Inc., SAFe Fellow & Principal Consultant

Steve is an expert thought leader, speaker, coach, and consultant with over 30 years of proven performance successfully delivering customer-driven technology solutions and innovations.

Ashley Craft Fiore

Honeywell, Director, Agile Program Management

Ashley is a future-focused Technology Executive with substantial success directing digital transformation and software development strategies. She integrates her programming and architecture experience to help guide businesses while driving technological innovations.

Junius Rowland

AutoZone, IT Manager, Agile Delivery Office

Junius is an enthusiastic professional with substantiated successes in Enterprise Agile transformation, Information Systems, and Project Management. He has a passion for exceeding organizational goals by increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing cost.

Joshua Jones

StrategyWise, CEO 

A lifelong founder, Joshua leads StrategyWise, a leading data science consulting firm that helps clients maximize operational effectiveness through data science and artificial intelligence.

Susan Marricone

Honeywell, Director, Agility Transformation Leader

Susan Marricone is a transformation leader with experience in Business Agility and Agile. She energizes strategic alignment and operational excellence in enterprises of all sizes to set them up for success.

Scott Ambler

Disciplined Agile, Co-FounderProject Management Institute (PMI), VP

Scott is the co-founder of Disciplined Agile (DA) – (acquired by PMI) and creator of the world’s only comprehensive Agile body of knowledge that provides straightforward and practical guidance to help individuals, teams and enterprises choose their “way of working.”

Michael K Sahota

SHIFT314, Speaker, Trainer, & Consultant

Michael has written two books and has received accolades on his Certified Agile Leadership Trainings. He guides and teaches leaders how to develop Evolutionary Capabilities through culture, leadership, and conscious change.

Steven HK Ma

No Moss Consulting, Chief Purpose Officer

Steven is an expert in Agile organizational design who inspires purpose-driven people at enterprise scale. His professional purpose is to make work more human from helping executives change mindsets; to coaching high-performing teams; to creating market-topping products.

Jennifer Morelli

Grant Thornton, Principal, Business Change Enablement

Jennifer specializes in large-scale business transformation relating to technology, organizational and business process change. She has experience in the strategy, development and delivery of organizational change management, communications and training programs.

Linda Rising

Independent Consultant

Linda has authored or edited five books and numerous articles. She is an internationally known presenter on topics related to patterns, retrospectives, influence strategies, Agile development, and the change process. Further, Linda drives successful organizational change.

Stacey Ackerman

Agilify Coaching & Training, Founder

Stacey is an Agile trainer, coach and marketing professional. She also writes on Agile marketing for MarTech Today and the Business Agility Institute. She is passionate about helping marketing organizations around the world learn how Agile Marketing can help them cut through the red tape and rapidly deliver high-quality campaigns.

Bob Payne

LitheSpeed, SVP, Agile Transformation

An early adopter of Extreme Programming (XP), Bob has worked exclusively as an Agile Coach and practitioner since 1999. Bob has engaged in Enterprise Agile Consulting with LitheSpeed as SVP of Agile Transformation.

David Fisher

North Highland, Principal

David is the global Agile change management lead at North Highland. He uses his knowledge and experience to accelerate mission-critical changes for clients and the community by coaching leaders and leading teams through transformational change.

Dave Witkin

Packaged Agile, Principal 

A seasoned agilist focusing on large-scale transformation, Dave helps Government Agencies and their contractors realize the promise of Agile, reducing failure rates on large Government software programs through training and coaching.

Art Moore

Clear Systems LLC, President

Art is a Lean-Agile coach, mentor and trainer focused on helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve corporate agility at sustainably higher levels. He has over thirty years of consulting and leadership experience in government and commercial sectors.

Crawfurd Hill

Encompass Corporation, Corporate Agility Director

Crawfurd has led Agile transformations across a wide variety of industries, with a foundation in digital development. He has a great ability to communicate and inspire change.

Colin Ferguson

North Highland, Agile Transformation Principal

Colin has over 18 years of hands-on enterprise and team transformation experiences across many industries. He is known for his ability to coach and mentor team members and leadership to develop and embrace an Agile mindset.

Christen McLemore

HeyMac Consulting LLC, Founder

Christen has decades of practical experience coaching, leading Agile transformations and consulting Fortune 100 companies. Drawing from these experiences, she founded her own Agile consulting business, HeyMac Consulting, to make a greater impact focusing on the role of leaders and managers in Business Agility.

Joseph Murray, Ph.D

DayBlink Consulting, Partner

Joseph is a seasoned management consultant with extensive experience in the telecommunications and media sectors. Prior to joining DayBlink Consulting, he led and delivered numerous large-scale business transformations at companies across the globe while with Ericsson Consulting, KPMG, Deloitte Consulting, and AT&T.