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Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A well-planned Marketing Strategy and Road Map is critical for global organizations operating in a dynamic industry like hospitality.

Within the industry there are continuously evolving customer expectations, a crowded competitive landscape, and daily emergence of new opportunities to engage with current and potential new customers. As digital and other emerging platforms become mainstays in the hospitality industry, it is crucial to have a clear focus on goals, objectives, strategies, and investment approaches to guide marketing campaigns and activities for marketer

Time & Motion in the Age of Agile

DayBlink Consulting

In modern business, there has been an increase in projects that are executed using new development and management methodologies such as agile, lean, and six-sigma. While these new methods have become more widely adopted, we have observed a decline in the adoption of the underlying studies – more traditionally known as Time and Motion or Methods-Time Measurement – that historically have been the foundation for ensuring the most valuable practices are the focus for optimization and automation.

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Agility to action: Operationalizing a value-driven agile blueprint

McKinsey & Company

To successfully transition to an agile operating model, business leaders should focus on four questions. Moving beyond individual teams to implement an agile operating model requires that missions are loosely coupled but tightly aligned; teams should be able to execute their missions with minimum dependencies while ensuring the overall organization is geared toward generating value.

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Agile Change, Lessons from the front line


The challenge for change practitioners is responding to the needs for immediacy in the context of a project which will take time. Traditional approaches to change management, with a heavy focus on planning, process and documentation are ripe for disruption. Agile, with its roots in software development, has leapt to the fore as a viable alternative to approaching change. In sharing five case studies from the front line, this point of view identifies what works and what doesn’t.

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Agile innovation

Bain & Company

Agile methods have boosted success rates of new product development in software. Now they are poised to improve innovation in nearly every function of every business. Agile methodologies have transformed the software industry over the past 25 or 30 years. Software development is an especially challenging form of innovation since technologies and customer demands seem to change at the speed of Moore’s law.

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How CEOs keep agile transformation moving

Boston Consulting Group

Simply put, agile works. But putting agile to work is no simple thing. As an organization becomes agile, it becomes more collaborative and creative. The effort yields so much: faster product delivery time, better product quality, stronger financial performance, and greater employee engagement. The payoff is clear. Leaders need to signal change by adjusting their own behaviors, and they must articulate both the particulars of change and the desired outcomes.

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Agile Project Delivery Confidence


Mitigate project risks and deliver value to your business. When Agile becomes an organisation’s standard project delivery methodology, it changes the way projects are managed and controlled. This paper explores how to create value for your organisation by building the right capabilities, unleashing your potential and gaining confidence to deliver the best product to market, while minimising delivery risks.

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