The People of Agile

The writers of the manifesto created the Agile values and principles understanding that people are what truly drives the success of transformations.

 They believed people should be held in high regards, no matter their position within the enterprise. With this idea at the forefront, people can, and should be seen as an organization’s investment in the power of innovation and collaboration. By harnessing the power and skills of your people, your team will feel empowered and the fullest potential of your enterprise can be unleashed.

woman and man sitting in front of monitor

Leadership Buy-in

An Agile transformation begins with leadership. Claiming “we’re Agile” and leaving the responsibility to VPs and management to implement will not lead to a successful transformation. Instead, leaders must demonstrate an investment in the transformation through active learning and participation champion its successes and celebrate its failures. Exhibiting buy-in to your employees by being agile is key to your transformation.

Change Champions

Identify employees who will become your Agile champions by working with staff to understand the benefits Agile can bring to the corporation.These change champions are not always synonymous with top performers in the traditional sense. They are the individuals who embody the characteristics of Agile and a one-team mentality. Identify these individuals and strategically position them throughout the transformation.

One-Team Mentality

Create a unified vision of your Agile transformation. Aligning the team is important for success. By illustrating the end goal and demonstrating interest in those goals, employee’s can begin to engage and trust in those objectives. Having a one-team mentality will encourage cross-functionality, collaboration, and interaction.