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Agile is a special way of working: it champions people and pushes them to achieve efficient and effective work. 

When I was approached by Wiley to write Corporate Agility, I was a bit hesitant. I’m a consultant and founder of my own Consulting firm, DayBlink Consulting, but I had no experience writing a book and really had never intended to write one. But between discussions with friends, family, and Wiley, I recognized I was positioned well to write about Agile in the corporate space. I have a breadth of experience with this special way of working within numerous corporations across several industries. I know the challenges each company faced, I know the lessons learned I carried from project to project, and I know the effect Agile can have on companies if implemented correctly. 

Despite my initial hesitation, I came around to the idea of writing Corporate Agility but knew it needed to be more than just a book: it needed to be something people could use as a resource and help them achieve corporate agility. To do that, the book was meant to be a starting point, a place where people can agree or disagree with the Agilessons presented. Through the book we created a forum where ideas can be shared and we can all help each other find Agile success. 

Corporate Agility is the culmination of decades of Agile work, insights from hundreds of Agilists, and long hours of research. The hope is that it can help executives find success through implementing Agile. As Agile constantly evolves, corporations approach Agile in innovative, creative ways and these stories deserve to be shared. 

Michael Wong
Founder and CEO
DayBlink Consulting

If you have any additional questions about Corporate Agility or want to learn more about the community we are building, send us an email at info@corporateagility.com.

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